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DAFT Recording Studios

DAFT Recording Studios

DAFT Recording Studios

Here we are now - entertain us! (Nirvana, Smells like Teen Spirit)

Are you organizing a special event, that requires a special venue? Why not hire DAFT Recording Studios, a world-class recording studio complex in the Belgian Ardens. 

Situated next to the Manufacture de Malmedy hotellodge, our 200 square metre recording hall can accomodate up to 200 people. 

It's an original venue for a high-level event of your choice, like client events, product launches, sales  conferences, ... etc.

Thanks to our broad network in the creatieve industries we can help you organise a 

- Brand activation campaign, in collaboration with an artist

- Exclusive VIP concert for brand fans winning a game (with overnight stay in our adjacent hotel)

- Inspirational session for a management team, linking the album recording process to your business processes

- Music Festival Family day

- ...

Discover more on the DAFT Studios website our contact us now.



Manufacture de Malmedy: welcome home!

Manufacture de Malmedy: welcome home!

Manufacture de Malmedy: welcome home!

Our hotellodge is an inspiring place hidden in the green, where business, artistic creation and leisure meet. We give you the perfect excuse to take a break!

Looking for a different setting for your next corporate event, department meeting or leadership team?

Welcome home @ Manufacture de Malmedy. During your stay you will appreciate to the fullest the feeling of coming home while being served as a hotelguest.

Our 18 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms guarantee a capacity for up to 40 people. Enjoy the panoramic view from our living room, have a local beer from our honesty bar, relax next to the fire place, or take a swim in our indoor swimming pool - and listen to the underwater music. 

Organise a brainstorm session in our meeting room, launch a product in our home cinema or just pamper your guests because they deserve it.

Natures beauty is all around, but Brussels, Flandres and Maastricht are all within easy reach.

And we do have seriously tasty food, a lovely hospitality team and a flexible budget. 

Have a look at our MICE brochure or mail us for a free quote: