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Turn Customers into brand fans.

Turn Customers into brand fans.

Consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing: skipping TV ads, ignoring magazine ads or online banners...

But how can your reach your audience in an engaging way? DAFT has the solution: we help brands to use music & entertainment as consumer-enaging tools.

Smart marketers understand that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute, and that there has to be a better way.

Enter branded content.

It’s about creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.
You have to understand their needs, their culture, their interests and what they are looking for in everyday life. Only then, you can communicate with them in an effective and engaging way. They will listen to your story if it’s relevant, valuable and true to their culture.

In a much more subtle way than traditional marketing campaigns, we create your branded content story. Not like hardselling techniques or interruptive advertising.

Therefore we use the forces of music and entertainment as a customer-engagement tool.
From a once in a lifetime experience to entertaining stories your audience wants to hear, to feel, to see, to smell or taste before anyone else!

What’s in it for you?

// Create a strong, credible identity for your brand, with a loyal fan-base

// Much more cost effective than e.g. sponsoring live events. We deliver creative content stories aiming for earned media visibility, making you reach a much broader audience.

// Offers you engaging stories with real impact, to share on social media platforms


// Interactive installation centered around music or entertainment during festivals, live events,...

// Creative consultancy

// Partner up with an artist: thanks to our broad international network in the music & creative industries we manage the link between Brands and Bands:
- From a one off campaign to a longterm project where a Brand becomes a Label.
- Theme song production.

// Recording Studio experiences at our famous DAFT Recording Studios:
- Sponsored Studio session live stream.
- Exclusive Studio session attendance for fans.
- ...