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Internal communication campaign

Cross-media production

Employees are one of the most important assests of a company. Good internal communication & empowerment are key to keep your team in great shape. We can help you to translate your message into powerfull & bold communication campaigns. 

For one of our customers, "being a pioneer" was the attitude they expected from their team. Together we developed a very strong communication campaign:

- internal voting on the 2 biggest pioneers in the team

- that were sent on an Iceland Expedition with well-known pioneer Dixie Dansercour

- sharing their physical & mental preparations & expedition experiences through vlogs, a website, mailings, ...

Daft invented the idea, gave full campaign support & also developed a 10-minute documentary of their expedition, that was shown to the team during their annual gathering. This impactfull and emotional campaign was very effective to establish the pioneering mindset.


So what's your message to bring?