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Peugeot car launch

We were asked by Havas to collaborate on an idea they had for a campaign for Peugeot.
At Daft Studios, we recorded a unique performance by French pianist Jean-Francois Zygel.
The pianist improvised on the live images of a testdrive with the new Peugeot 508.
When the car drove faster, the music accelarated. When the car drove in the shadow, the music got darker,...

This personalised soundtrack was sent back to the car, and played live on the high-end Focal soundsystem in the car.
This created a unique experience for the driver.

At the end of the test-drive, the driver arrived at Daft Studios, where he met the pianist and discovered that he had been listening to his own personalised soundtrack. A VIP public enjoyed this experience live  at Daft Studios & the Facebook live stream was followed by 85.000 more viewers!

Entertainment industry collab / cross media production / live experiences