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immersive audio experiences

A unique immersive audio experience for your live event, road show or festival.

Together with our skilled colleagues at DAFT Studios, one of Europe’s bigest recording studio complexes, we have developed 2 different immersive audio experiences that will lift your next communication campaign and/or live event to a whole new level.

The Sound Grid is a scalable surround sound & light installation. It consists of a 3D grid of 112 speakers and a LED lighting grid, making it possible to create unique moving sound and light patterns in a space .The installation is designed to shine on festivals, road shows and public events to activate your brand fans.
“Send your message into the Sound Grid, and hear and see it travel around the space in 360° surround as you walk through the Grid, thus creating a kind of 3D twitter wall concept. A unique experience!”

The Sound Grid concept and installation are fully customisable to match your branding and communication strategy, and can be integrated into existing campaigns. It's a hybrid installation: besides the live experience, the messages people send into the Grid are pushed towards social media platforms, creating a ripple through social networks.

cross-media production / audiovisual installations