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Become our Artist in Residence

DAFT invites a promising act to its home to become artist in residence at the studio complex during 6 months.

We feel promising acts should get a chance to benefit from our new home, and thus we will welcome a new Artist in residence at DAFT Studios every 6 months.

This means as a band you get:
- a 3 day residential rehearsal/preproduction session
- a 2 day recording session at DAFT Studios with inhouse engineer
- a 2 day mix session at DAFT Studios with inhouse engineer
- professional guidance in production, communication and artist development domain.

We are not a big fan of contests, so you cannot participate to win.
Instead, we put together a jury, consisting of key figures in the Belgian music industry:
- Jan Digneffe: booker at Live Nation
- Damien Waselle: label manager at PIAS Belgium
- Michel Van Buyten: managing director Sony Entertainment Benelux.
- Kirsten Lemaire: music connoisseur and radio presenter at Studio Brussel
- Thomas De Mot: international & creative director at Strictly Confidential Music Publishing.
- Jarri Van Der Haegen: music consultant, manager & blogger at Disco Naïveté
- Stijn Verdonckt: Studio owner and engineer at DAFT Recording Studios.

These people breathe music, and they have a nose for new talent.
If your act is promising, they will find on their radar.

However, if you feel you should get yourself known to us, you can send us a link to your music through here: https://goo.gl/forms/Hy3B0QzNxyNzQNTv1

Welcome home to DAFT Studios!